In a derivative of the the Gashadokuro (餓者髑髏) trope, a Japanese story tells of a man in the Hiroshima Prefecture who is in a field at night and, hearing an eerie voice moaning, “My eye hurts,” finds a skeleton there with a bamboo shoot growing from its eye socket. He removes the bamboo shoot and offers the skeleton dried boiled rice, upon which the skeleton tells him the story of its murder and its personal history, and rewards him for his kindness.

I frequently write on a variety of topics. The articles are categorized and linked here for easy reference.

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  • Anti-Fragile Playbook
  • Community Activation and Launch Methodology (C.A.L.M.)
  • Industry
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  • Security
  • Fiction and Musings

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According to the ancient Greek custom of hospitality (called xenia, or “ξενία”), one is expected to entertain the needs of a stranger first before you learn their name.

Ergo: the guest is anonymous, and the host honors this boundary UNTIL the guest feels ready to share their identity.

Indeed, it’s within this precise context that the first example of the word “anonymous” (ανώνυμος) appears in written literature; in Homer’s Odyssey, (Book 8, line 552).

In the story, Alcinous, king of the Phaeacians, has given Odysseus wonderful hospitality, ‘xenia’, in his palace.

As Odysseus was cared for, the king noticed how…

A lot of people ask “how do you get paid as a world famous member of Anonymous?”

There’s no such thing as a stupid question, putting aside for a moment the ambiguity which may arise from boundary tones that dictate the grammatical function of antonyms in coda position as well as pragmatic context which might imply that in no practical manner can one truly be “world famous anonymous.”

Short answer: we use “The Soros;” the Antifa mainframe.

Pictured: a 3270 terminal to “The Soros,” the Antifa/Anonymous mainframe

Of course I have not seen the *actual* mainframe, what with its reel-to-reel tape input machines and humming cabinets filled with motherboards and…

I love cooking, although I’ll admit that I’m not really a cookbook type of person.

My dad had a spice company, and maybe as a byproduct of the knowledge gained there, as well as how much time I spent in my grandmothers kitchen, I’m pretty decent at improvisational cuisine.

A pinch of this, a dash of that, this ingredient as it complements another. Timing, presentation, and boom: dolla dolla, y’all.

Come and get it!

There are surprising combinations, for instance: roasted beets and sweet potatoes coupled with chipotle and a small bit of cayenne within an enchilada recipe.

The chipotle…

As a child I worked each summer on farms, in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, and I would delight in the experience of using a hacksaw and a short blade to cut a golf ball’s skin, revealing within the tightly — wound lengths of rubber band.

My cousin and I would sit and rock on our heels in delight as tightly-wound strands of rubber thrashed and flailed, and not so much chaotically, but rather: viscerally revealing the kinetic energy which gave the golf ball its bounce and elasticity.

There is an adjacent metaphor that I have frequently used: the phenomenon of a…

Y’all know about mutual aid societies?

These grassroots community efforts really took off in a lot of places in the past year, in response to a diminishing capacity on the part of government.

And, look. This is totally healthy.

This kind of “hyper-local engagement” might actually be at the heart of what makes American culture different, because despite all the impotent bombast and theater regarding national politics, local, grassroots community activism is where the rubber hits the road.

And what fascinates me is that this level of grassroots engagement is so focused on concrete solutions that there’s actually no space…

If there’s a positive outcome from the past five years, it’s this:

Most people were henceforth unaware that their own government had fine-tuned the weaponization of psychology, in a domain generally referred to as “psychological operations.”

Psychology, as a weapon. Who knew?

In the past decades, and using technology that resembles platforms such as Facebook, our government has deployed psyops to devastating effect in the destruction of grassroots opposition to foreign occupation, generally described as “insurgents.”

But one man’s terrorist is another man’s martyr.

Seasoned human intelligence and psychological operations officers can infiltrate these “cells” and rip them apart from…

Imagine you develop a conviction that government might benefit from some optimization.

How might you begin?

What if you’ve become convinced that the traditional approach (top-down politics) doesn’t work? What if you wanted to identify a solution which transcends the ineffective methods of partisan politics?

I have an idea.

Parcel a city, town, or distributed community into autonomous organizational units numbering no greater than 1,000 to 1,200 people.

So, a town of 10,000 might be parceled into ten autonomous neighborhood–oriented communities of about 1,000 people.

Give each parcel the community the basis of a self-funded economic revival, using money that…

Let’s begin with this: who is Erik Prince?

A modern-day self-made man, Erik is a former Navy Seal, brother to former Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, and founder of Blackwater (rebranded in 2009 to Xe Services after its employees killed a large number of Iraqi civilians) — a private security company that contracted to the CIA.

Erik Prince boasts a well-diversified financial portfolio with global interests.

For example:

Frontier Services Group (FSG) is a Chinese Africa-focused security, aviation, and logistics company founded and led by Erik Prince, the former head of Blackwater Worldwide.

Prince has described FSG’s main corporate mission…

In our many in-depth discussions with refugee nations, stateless people, and other groups, we’ve learned that a self-governing, autonomous community requires seven functions, one of which is “arbitration,” which is used to address conflicts internal to the community.

Working with an indigenous attorney, we’ve defined a “private administrative process using notary,” (or “Notary presentment”), leveraging common law legal precedents that go back to the Roman era.

In our model, we’d work with the community to identify sources of “wisdom capital” that would be ideally suited to resolve conflicts internal to the community; generally older women who are wise and not…

Kent Dahlgren

Product management fix-it guy. World-famous people skills. Extremely small hands. (edit) marketing lady says I’m also supposed to say “CEO of software company”

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