(Funding Design) A Self-Funded Economic Stimulus (Chamber of Commerce)

Downtown Astoria, Oregon (USA)
A ship navigates the famous “Graveyard of the Pacific” at the mouth of the Columbia River
Still from the film “The Goonies;” my grandparent’s house is just on the other side of that bridge
Clam Bucks
A farmer’s market enables vendors to sell high-quality products directly to consumers
The Starbucks loyalty app
We “private label” our app, (an example 214 Alpha customer represented in this example), so our customer gets the glory, powered by 214 Alpha
Digital Identity
Reputation Economy
  • “Slush fund”
  • Transaction-based revenue
Similar tokens have long been in mainstream use in farmer’s markets



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Kent Dahlgren

Kent Dahlgren

Product management fix-it guy. World-famous people skills. Extremely small hands. (edit) marketing lady says I’m also supposed to say “CEO of software company”