Anti-Fragile Playbook: January 2021 Update

Frame from the newly-released video featuring Tanya Golden, customer of 214 Alpha

Return on investment: how does our solution pay for itself?

Transaction-fee-based revenue is kept by the community, forming the basis of self-funded economic revival, using money that normally stays under the table.

  • 1,000 total people in marketplace app
  • 100 sellers; 900 buyers
  • $2,000/mo in transaction-fee-based revenue
  • Marketplace diversification: more sellers, increased sales
  • $6,000/mo in transaction-fee-based revenue
  • Marketplace diversification: more sellers, increased sales distribution
  • $9,560/mo in transaction-fee-based revenue

Summary of the communities with whom we’ve been speaking

Helvetia Chäserei — Helvetia, West Virginia:

  • An ‘e-Cow-nomy’ in Helvetia WV in which an earn & learn community is growing around the revitalization of local cheeses made from historical cultural recipes.
  • Tanya Golden’s vision pairs indigenous and vulnerable women with a female mentor to learn valuable skills and crafts, in time graduating to become part of the matronage to extend the benefit to others, thus allowing her to transition her business into a 501(c)(3), using the community activation app by 214 Alpha.
  • A nonprofit 501(c)(3) Creative Collective, building a holistic mental wellness program for people who struggle with mental illness. We are a committed team of creatives, doctors, therapists and philanthropists who are working to build a step-by-step mental wellness program to sensitive creative people to discover a new level of physical, emotional, mental and economic stability.

New videos

New podcast episodes (the Anti-Fragile Playbook)

New articles (Ruth Glendinning)

New articles (Kent Dahlgren)

Pilot: The Anti-Fragile Wealth Production Engine (and Playbook) has entered a new phase of development

If we want an eco-balanced [economy + ecology] sustainable future we must bring the tools to the communities ‘holding the ground’ and root deeply in the mission of creating — and keeping — wealth locally.

Our Own Anti-Fragile Pilot: Learning as we go

We are launching a pilot of the Anti-Fragile Wealth Production Engine in our own local neighborhood.

  • Income/job security
  • Food security
  • Home security
  • Health
  • Personal Growth/Satisfaction
  • Governance
  • Being a Neighbor



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Kent Dahlgren

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