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I frequently write on a variety of topics. The articles are categorized and linked here for easy reference.

Topic Overview:

  • 214 Alpha related
  • Anti-Fragile Playbook
  • Community Activation and Launch Methodology (C.A.L.M.)
  • Industry
  • Cultural / Economic / Political
  • Security
  • Fiction and Musings

Articles — 214 Alpha-Related

Company Cultural Value: Enoughness

(Introduction) Who Are you Guys?

Values: Listen to the Young

Introduction: The Anti-Fragile Playbook

(Community Design) Is this Communism? What is this Anti-Fragile Playbook?

Anti-Fragile Playbook: January 2021 Update

Community Activation and Launch Methodology (C.A.L.M.) Step 1: Outrage

(Outrage) Fire as a Catalyst for Rebirth

(Outrage) From Outrage to Stewardship, through failure — Retrospective

(Outrage) Failure as a Catalyst for Systemic Quality

(Outrage) If I Could Go Back and Do it Again — Retrospective

C.A.L.M. Step 2: Vision

(Vision) Growing up at the Feet of Giants

(Community Design) Thanksgiving in July

(Vision) A Neighborhood Start-up’s “First Bite”

(Vision) Small-Town Economic Revival: a How-To

(Community Design) A Shared Vision

(Community Design) The Church

(Community Design) Dancing through Difficulties, “by the Numbers,” into Sovereignty

(Community Design) A Franchise for a Neighborhood “Citizens Assembly,” Featuring Self-Funded Earn and Learn…

(Community Design) Veteran’s Day: from a formerly homeless vet

(Community Design) How can 214 help my community? (special needs kids)

C.A.L.M. Step 3: Community Building

(Team Design) The 214 “org” Holonic Model for Self-Governance

(Team Design) Holonic Performance Tuning (Fire, Leaf, and Water)

(Team Design) Holons: Defusing the Emotional Echo Chamber

(Team Design) Minimum Size, Minimum Participants, Maximum Capacity: Holons

(Team Design) Holon Magic

(Team Design) Organizational Limit: Size

(Team Design) Personal Development: the Rock Tumbler

(Team Design) Personal Development: There’s a Place for Everyone

(Team Building) Holonic Care and Feeding: the Fovea

C.A.L.M. Step 4: Funding

(Funding) It takes Money to Make Money (the soft capital edition)

(Funding) Month-by-Month: the Financial Model

(Funding) Knowledge vs Wisdom

(Self-funding) Scarcity is Perceived; Wealth Abounds

(Funding Design) A Self-Funded Economic Stimulus (Chamber of Commerce)

C.A.L.M. Step 5: Activation


Cooking as Metaphor: Alchemy part 2.14

(Community Activation) The “Moms”

(Community Building) Operations 101

(Planning) A Landslide Does not Begin With Boulders, it Begins With Pebbles. With Sand.

(Community Building) Project Management

Community Arbitration: a Legal “How it Works”

C.A.L.M. Step 6: Launch

(Community Design) Hyper-local Basic Income

(Community Design) Childcare Co-op: a Neighborhood-Level how-to

(Community Design) Health Care, Child Care, and Basic Income

(Community Design) Anti-Fragility, “Keystones,” Diversification, and Up-Cycling

(Reputation Economy) The Genesis of Selvage

(Reputation Economy) The Genesis of Weft

(Reputation Economy) Forgiveness and the Elastic Freeing of Opportunity Cost

C.A.L.M. Step 7: Stewardship

(Stewardship) Stewards of the Land, on Behalf of Gaia

(Governance) are you in Creative Mode? Or Survival Mode?

(Pollination) Franchises as a form of Autonomous Self-Governance


Blockchain and “cloud computing” — market adoption similarities

The Decentralized Industry isn’t Ready

Retrospective: It Pays to Hold Your Ground

How Facebook’s Use of Psychology Inspired Civil Strife

Cultural / Economic / Political

(Cultural) Is Erik Prince Evil?

(Political) Improving Government from the Bottom-up

(Economy) Fiscal Velocity

(Cultural) The Weaponization of Memetics (intro)


Closing the Loop on Open Source

Honey Pots and Honey Tokens — a Primer

Johan Nygren’s Pseudonym Pairs (P2P Identity Verification)

Fiction and Other Musings

Death is a Gift

Corporations: the AI Apocalypse

Fiction: Unchained


The Weaponized, Linguistic Inevitability of Hip Hop


Blackberries as Metaphor

Profile: John Keats

Profile: Emanuel Lasker

Hacking the Tapestry 095

Fiction: Squirrel Babies aren’t Real

Fiction: Evelyn the Eleventh

Fiction: Armageddon Awakening

Fiction: Marina’s Holon of Five

Fiction: Marina’s Secret

Fiction: Awakening of the Great Ones

Fiction: The Psyop



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