Bene Esse, a S.P.R.O.U.T. Product concept

  • most land owners don’t want to sell their property (acreage)
  • not everyone has sufficient money to buy land
  • community members are not sure where or how to start
  • Accelerate development by leveraging virtual community before the establishment of physical amenities (by using 214 Alpha marketplace app)
  • Build physical amenities with assistance of curated virtual community members (recruited, vetted, and prepared through the 214 CALM — the Community Activation and Launch Methodology)
  • Launch physical community with vested community of stewards
  • Virtual community provides self-funded operations for community services
  • Model employs bio-intensive and anti-fragile principles to improve while under duress
  • Operating and governance model is technically a franchise, so the blueprint can be “copied and pasted” elsewhere, when the community is ready
  • Recurring source of ongoing revenue with minimal liability
  • Mobile and portable; a minimal dependency upon fixed infrastructure
  • Reduction in costs (tax breaks)
  • Improved power autonomy and improved soil quality
  • Creating a legacy of opportunity



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Kent Dahlgren

Kent Dahlgren

Product management fix-it guy. World-famous people skills. Extremely small hands. (edit) marketing lady says I’m also supposed to say “CEO of software company”