Fiction: Marina’s Secret

Kent Dahlgren
3 min readFeb 13, 2021


“It’s magic, all of it!” exclaims eight year old Marina, stunned as the final pieces of the mystery’s puzzle fall into place, revealing to her wet eyes a world-changing tableau.

“When the foundation is repaired, the inheritance shall be restored,” said the inscription at the bottom of the page.

At first, it was an escapist fantasy of a mostly lonely third grader. A statement, without context, suggested to her in a dream.

And for months she’d falsely assumed the words meant she needed to find a literal foundation, of stone and mortar. She could almost kick herself for hours spent kicking around in the forest, or on-line, looking for ruins.

Not so. It’s far simpler, yet far more profound.

The inheritance. It will be restored when the foundation is repaired.

The power to heal the world has been there all along, poised like a lightening bolt, a tornado, a pair of humming birds, and a tsunami at the tip of her tongue and the tips of her fingers. It’s been there all along.

“I’ve had the power to heal! I’ve had it this entire time! All of us do!”

The foundation: a responsible, ethical stewardship of earth’s energy.

The inheritance: this same energy, harnessed into magic.

World-changing, world-healing. Vast in its power, and immediately available to whomever is worthy of its stewardship.

Ok, calm yourself, Marina.


A bus passes, emitting a deafening sound. The loud hum of traffic and the bustle of pedestrians dominate her senses, but she retreats into the cathedral of her mind, with the intentions to solve this riddle.

It begins with mindful thought and attention.

Where attention goes, energy flows, and likewise: where energy flows, attention goes.

All energy is derived from nature. We are all part of nature.

We are all connected as one, yet reflect a vast, kaleidoscopic diversity.

A pebble cannot drop into nature’s energetic pool without an echo of these waves finding their way back.

Words and actions have meaning which reverberate, energetically.

If the pebble is set into motion with the intention to harm, so too will the pebble’s ripple find its way back to whomever set it into motion, its effects sometimes magnified.

Likewise, if the pebble is cast into nature’s pool with the intent to bring great joy, so too will it bring joy to the magician.

Words, images, and actions, placed upon the tapestry of our shared experience. Set into motion through mindfully-set intentions. They are icons which capture and magnify our intentions.

No graven images are necessary.

Emails, text messages, hand-written notes. Imaginary shapes we “draw” with our index fingers upon the landscape as we ride the school bus home.

She looks around. Yes. Only the kids will understand. Adults will never get it. It’s going to be too simple for them.

With our orientation aligned to healing, energy is made available to us. Vast stores of energy.

When the foundation is repaired, the inheritance shall be restored.

Eight year old Marina sits on the bench with her phone in her hand, and realizes with a start that she possesses the power to heal and change the world.

She looks around. Adults busy themselves, racing from one late deadline to the next. She’s invisible to them.

The perfect disguise for a healer.

A girl who intends to heal planet earth. It’s huge!

All she has to do is focus on creating little icons that capture and magnify energy for healing, and do so in a way that is otherwise invisible to others.

Like little romantic love letters to planet earth.

A pile of carefully-plucked leaves here, held in place by a small collection of perfectly-shaped stones, bid adieu with a potent few words of great intention.

That’s all there is to it.



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