Fiction Story Concept: Armageddon Awakening

Kent Dahlgren
6 min readAug 20, 2020

Thanks to a significant investment on the part of my maternal grandmother, Ruth, my eldest son Ezra and I share a particularly committed passion for the importance of storytelling and literature.

We’ve been brainstorming a book that might be categorized as a mix between science-fiction and fantasy.

Here’s the overview:

In the story, people (well, and all other living things) have an energetic consciousness which is a lot larger and expansive than what’s within their physical body.

These energetic expressions overlap and mesh in a significant manner.

Within some religions, this is referred to as a “soul.”

Most people in the story are not aware of this fact, and within the book they are called “dreams,” because they basically bump through life, unaware that they are anything more than physical in form.

(Which is consistent with ancient shamanic tradition, by the way).

A smaller number of people become active “dreamers,” and eventually become conscious of how much influence their conscious, energetic expression can have upon other people, even the “dreams,” so to speak.

For example, one person’s energy can influence another persons consciousness to do things that would not normally do, and active “dreamers“ realize that if they misuse their ability, they can become puppet masters, and other people “puppets.”

Because those that qualify as a passive “dream“ are also influenced by the energy of others, even if they are not consciously aware of it.

In effect, they become pawns.

For thousands of years, there have been a small number of people who have dominated the chess board of these games, and they hold high positions within formalized religion and politics.

Within this hypothetical story, there have been puppet masters who have sought to dominate human interactions for thousands of years, and the most craven of these operate out of China, but they operate a web of puppets within almost every other country.

Again, most people are “dreams,“ and they have no awareness of this.

Everybody calm down: this story is fiction.

In order for the “puppet masters” to dominate others, they need everyone to be passive “dreams,“ and therefore they need as many people as possible to be aware of spiritual concepts, but otherwise ignorant as to their application.

In other words, it’s necessary for them to be “dreams,“ and the “puppet masters” seek out and kill “dreamers“ as soon as they can, or they just have them institutionalized.

Ok, let’s zoom out to 30,000 feet real quick.

Let’s say that a substantial majority of each person’s conscious energy actually exists within an adjacent dimension that is inaccessible by those who seek to dominate and control this chessboard, and to the vexation of those in power, they realize that the margin between the two adjacent dimensions gets thin as earth approaches its precession.

Through each 26,000-year cycle, the direction in the sky to which the Earth’s axis points goes around a big circle. In other words, precession changes the “North Star” as seen from Earth.

Fun fact: this precession is consistent with our sun’s interaction with the twin stars of Sirius.

(Which aligns significantly to the “books of the dead” for ancient Egypt, many other cultures, and begins to reconcile the celestial orientation of ancient structures around the globe).

(Actually, that part is also real science).

Anyway, as earth approaches its precession, the margin between the two dimensions becomes thin, and a massive number of dreams are activated into dreamers.

Maybe the story is told through the perspective of those that look like law-enforcement, but actually work for the “puppet masters,“ and their guild has been looking for unauthorized “dreamers“ for thousands of years.

But suddenly, the number of cases of unauthorized, “indigenous dreamers” begins to skyrocket.

Those that are accustomed to dominating the manipulation of these spiritual energies are horrified to realize that they have completely lost control, and this realization occurs years after the point of inflection had already been passed.

When this realization locks into place, those who have been a custom to being in control completely effing lose it.

In the book would feature various scenarios where the application of these energies plays out within our modern world.

For example: social media.

In a tip of the hat to those Qanon morons, those that have dominated religion for thousands of years end up serving as the puppet master for intelligence agencies, inclusive to the NSA and the CIA, and it’s a tightly kept secret that these intelligence agencies are aware of these same spiritual energies.

They begin to realize that there are some who have transitioned from “dreams” into “dreamers,” so they try and keep them from participating within a technological platform that was created to dominate and control the population.

To their horror, every time they do that, (every time they ban a “troll,” for instance), the energetic expression of these “dreamer” people bleeds through into others that are still on the platform, so instead of having one set of eyes watching social media, the person who has been banned are now watching the evolving landscape through thousands of sets of eyes.

The active “dreamers“ that have been banned is now utilizing the sensorium of thousands of passive “dreams.”

The religion leaders and their puppets in intelligence realize that they can’t put the genie back in the bottle, so to speak, they are unable to close Pandora’s box, if you will, and this drives them into ever more dramatic cycles of panic.

Meanwhile, these “indigenous, home-grown dreamers” have already realized how they can pierce the temporal veil, enabling them to make modifications to the tapestry within the subjective past.

They are able to do so through interactions with their own energetic expressions which are currently alive in the past, so a version of themselves from the subjective present reaches back and flips the switch, enabling a dream to become a dreamer 30 or 40 or more years ago.

In other words, as the intelligence agencies try and outmaneuver those who have activated their spiritual awareness, they have begun executing on counter measures 30 or 40 years in the past.

At some point, those within the intelligence community decide that they need to terminate the experiment with extreme prejudice, and they begin killing as many people as possible, only to realize that in freeing the spiritual expression from the corporal self, they have ignited an inferno that consumes them, not merely within the subjective present, but within energetic fingers that reach into the subjective past, and (POW!), they ironically erase themselves from the tapestry of memory.

They become unpersons, citing metaphor from Orwell’s 1984, and their energetic expressions are deposited into the underworld so they can contemplate their misuse of their gifts.

What the puppet masters and their people failed to recognize until too late is that their decision to “terminate the experiment“ is an expression of how their own conscious self was manipulated into pulling the trigger in the first place.

And perhaps manipulation is not the right word, is it?

In the end, they’re the ones that made the decision; either they pulled the trigger, or more importantly: they made a decision, however compartmentalized, which resulted in the removal of a dreamers spiritual expression from their corporal self.

They were led to that point through a number of free will choices, and ultimately until the very end it was their decision to take that final step, and therefore erase themselves from living memory.

Why erase them from living memory?

An investment from the adjacent dimension, and a message: don’t do that again.

Separate aside, when I read of mice of men to my sons, my son Ezra decided that he could write an even sadder and more tragic ending, and man.

He delivered.



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