(Community Design) Health Care, Child Care, and Basic Income

Kent Dahlgren
2 min readDec 29, 2020


Most of us rely upon a job for child care and health insurance, but when we’re out of work, or under-employed, these go away.

My twin girls repping that three stripe life in a manner that’s most cash money dolla dolla.

As we’ve seen, we can’t rely on the government.

As you may know, Ruth and I have been working at activating community resources at the hyper-local level, and yesterday, Ruth figured out how to weave health insurance at 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of ACA (“Obama Care”).

Turns out, eight or more individuals can purchase health insurance together, which means they can get approved without any medical underwriting considerations.

If delivered within the framework of our community activation framework, this can be accomplished within a neighborhood / community 501(c)(3), which means you can pool your financial resources while bypassing the need to pay taxes (which saves 21% off the top — the current federal corporate rate).

All of this within a solution that pays for itself, which a friend calls “an HOA that pays you back.”

Not bad, and we’re not even done writing the Anti-Fragile Playbook.

This is why we are so optimistic about future; help is available from the most unexpected place: right under our noses.

Mad props to Future Story Lab, and (humble brag): 214 Alpha.



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