My Wild Journey from Security to Governance

  • 2016–2017 I provided information to the FBI regarding the use of technology to find fake profiles on-line
  • Soon afterwards, weird, orchestrated chaos started happening on-line, at work, and with my electronics
  • I was fired under bizarre circumstances, and with completely nonsensical accusations (the claim that I’d left a listening device in my boss’s Seattle-area home? Really?)
  • And yet months later I’m hired by a Europe-based asset of the intelligence community after a single, brief conversation
Until spring of 2017, I was something of an industry expert on the security / anti-fraud domain. Then I was flushed, and evidence of this acknowledged expertise was scrubbed from the Internet
Self-funded self-governance!



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Kent Dahlgren

Kent Dahlgren

Product management fix-it guy. World-famous people skills. Extremely small hands. (edit) marketing lady says I’m also supposed to say “CEO of software company”