(Fiction) The Psyop

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Ok, first off it’s important to acknowledge that perception informs reality.

Not only is this true, acknowledging modern cognitive science, but it’s in alignment with ancient, pre-historical shamanic tradition going back millennia (which teaches that “reality is a dream “).

One of the coolest memes of all time: the model human processor, courtesy The Psychology of Human-Computer Interaction, by fellow Xerox alum Card, Moran, and Newell

Perception of reality is not instantaneous. Due to cognitive latencies, by the time our brain has had an opportunity to process what’s occurred, the event occurred in the past, even if by milliseconds.

The gap between the perceived event and the determination of what occurred is filled from a variety of inputs, acknowledged within John Boyd’s OODA model, within the framework of what he calls the “orient” phase, illustrated here.

John Boyd’s OODA model was developed during the Korean War, and enabled him to observe that if you can operate within the decision cycle of your opponent, they are unable to discern the difference between subjective order and Orderly chaos, and it drives them into madness. Note that this does not mean “‘faster.”

I am just this precise, because I can tell you from first-hand experience the countries within the US sphere of influence use precisely this framing in their decision-making process, from intelligence all the way down to the in-the-field tactical analyses within the Army (they use a modestly streamlined version of OODA).

In other words: their weapon has become our tool, because they believe it to be true. You follow me? Their weapon is the mumbo jumbo of metaphysics: this is their psyop. You know?

Well, plot-twist: they believe in it. Therefore, the gap between perceived event and determination of what’s occurred is filled with the belief that psychic ability is possible.

This may seem like a small thing, but it is not.

Not all of them, mind you, but the further you get into the realm of intelligence agencies, the more the rank and file believe in it.

Therefore, the higher one travels into the exclusive opaque strata of intelligence, the more faith they have in the not-so-secret belief in metaphysics, more commonly known as “psychic ability,” and this belief follows them to bed and finds its way into their dreams.

Perhaps ironically, this renders these opaque organizational layers more transparent to those who know how to navigate their own psyop; any good storyteller will tell you that what I’ve just said is true.

The gap between perception and reality can be bridged by a really good storyteller; if you know how to read the audience, you can bridge the gap between perception and the reality they fear.

And if you can perceive their fear, then you are afforded insights into their deepest vulnerability, for fear only exists in the absence of faith, and in our case, we get to capitalize upon their vast investment in psychic powers.

Their weapon has become our tool, and their swords are turned into our plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks, so to speak.

Ok, that’s the psychology of it. Here’s the language, beginning with the basics:

Where thoughts go, energy flows (part I)

First off, that statement is soundly psychological. The more you think about something, the more likely it is you’re going to do it. Right?

This is one of the foundational elements to why cognitive behavioral therapy works; reprogramming the brain can help break the cycles of addiction and abuse.

But more substantially, this is a statement that’s consistent with Wicca belief, and is one which is openly recognized by pretty much every indigenous culture, going back for millennia.

In other words: witchcraft, which has been given a bad name, thanks to Christianity, which (ironically) is little more than a death cult that fetishizes the torture and death of their deity, including the eating of his flesh and the drinking of his blood (during communion).

And look, I’m a huge fan of Jesus, but come on: there are many people who fancy themselves Christians who openly revel in the suffering of others, and can’t wait to go eat Jesus’ flesh and drink his blood next Sunday.

Modern Christianity is one of the most intentionally cruel religions in history with its millions of followers who cheer warfare and revel in the suffering and failure of others. Modern Christianity in its mainstream expression is a really bizarre form of pagan worship that fuels intention through the suffering of others.

But I digress.

Witchcraft is just an application of Qi energy, or lifeforce energy, which (per Chinese tradition going back 5000+ years) is an energy which flows and exists within all things, living and dead.

Which might sound like mumbo jumbo, but again: perception is reality. And if you pretend that this invisible energy is “dark matter,” you can begin to reconcile some quantum physics to how it may be used as a medium.

Where thoughts go, energy flows (part II)

If you think about me, your thoughts flow to me.

If I’m an “Empath,” I can recognize that your energy is flowing to me, and I can Read those energies to help discern your thoughts and intentions.

That statement got very metaphysical in a hurry, but that’s perceived reality, and it’s precisely why calling yourself an “empath” freaks the feds out kind of hard.

How do you discern a person’s thoughts and intentions? By putting yourself into an autotelic state (aka: a state of flow / meditation), and by knowing yourself from a place of ruthless honesty.

Q: Do I normally think about these kinds of things? If not, who does?

Just cycle through this kind of interrogative process until it informs your idea of what’s happening on the “sending” end of the metaphysical transmission.

Where thoughts go, energy flows (part III)

If you push your thoughts to another person, you are sending Qi energy, which is instantaneous.

If you are capable of sending a lot of Qi energy, you are called a “telepath,” although these labels are abstractions. In truth, it’s all energy, and it’s perfectly possible to send “empathic energy,” otherwise known as emotion.

Again, I’m just sharing the nomenclature of their own psyop, and have taken care to root it in ancient shamanic traditions.

The pushing of Qi energy (known as “telepathy”) is the one most typically associated with the use of metaphysics as a weapon.

A blast of Qi energy via “telepathy” can land in what’s called your fascia, and the manifestation is autoimmune and inflammatory illnesses, all the way to pneumonia, which is why one of the “tells” of an untrained empath is what they call fibromyalgia.

The reason being: the untrained empath has not developed the discipline to shield themselves from the Qi energy and has not yet learned how to give the energy back, protecting their own bodies.

As you can see, the psyop starts to bring in a lot of current tropes, from a lot of directions. It’s a banger of a story, to the right audience, because they believe it.

It’s important that you become aware of the work of William A Tiller PhD, because I can tell you with confidence that the US and Israeli intelligence agencies take his work as gospel.

William A. Tiller is a professor emeritus of materials science and engineering at Stanford University. He is also the author of Science and Human Transformation, a book about concepts such as subtle energies beyond the four fundamental forces, which he believes act in concert with human consciousness.

What the Chinese call Qi energy is what the CIA, NSA, and Israelis call psycho-energetics, just for purposes of translation.

Rather, the Chinese reference to Qi is neutral, and they speak of applications of lifeforce energy

Psycho-energetics speaks to the application of various energies.

Where thoughts go, energy flows (part IV)

A telepathic blast can cause damage on the receiving end, and in the case of “telekinesis” (or what the CIA calls “psycho-kinesis”) the person can effect change in a physical state from afar.

People think about chairs floating and whatnot, but the more subtle change is a measured push of Qi energy within a person’s brain, causing a change in their thought processes, otherwise known as “mind control.”

This is known as a “telepathic compulsion,” and when merged with knowledge of how to use the spectrum of Qi energies as they manifest across a person’s chakra, these practices can be used to devastating effect, particularly when blended with spell work, empathic leveraging of energies, etc.

Or….these tools can be used to facilitate healing, depending upon a person’s intentions (which is the basis of what people call Reiki or energetic healing).

Again, it’s fun to dismiss this as folly, but it’s impossible to deny that people have embraced this as real for hundreds of thousands of years, prior to the invention of religion, just a few thousand years ago.

And religions are the invention of political institutions, so it makes sense that intelligence would seek to see through their own smokescreen to probe the depths of what’s behind the curtain.

At some point they’ve drank enough of their own Koolaide that they’ve come to believe it as real.

Where thoughts go, energy flows (part V)

Actions + intentions = magic

This is consistent with wicca belief, and aligns to traditions all over the place, going back millennia.

So when you speak words, and do so with mindful intentions, there’s a possibility that something happens that cannot otherwise be explained.

And magic is just science we don’t yet understand, right? Outcomes that are also known as “miracles.”

If you write words, or post an image, each is placed with thoughtful intention, and if you want to power up these intentions, you do so through an investment in faith.

Faith = belief + action

These energetic intentions can be Read from the tapestry of media later, right?

This allows us to suggest to the feds that we can do google searches without being anywhere close to google, simply my calibrating our sensorium to the energetic imprints that exist upon the electronic tapestry, but in a manner which transcends time, because time is imaginary.

That scares the heck out of people, but shouldn’t, because why would they be scared? They haven’t been up to no good, have they?

How do you ensure your intentions and actions are in proper alignment?

Intention = guidance + humility

As an aside, I like to speak of quantum retro-causality, because with proper guidance we are afforded an opportunity to hack the tapestry, so to speak, this accelerating certain critical events.

Here comes the climax

Deep down they fear that they are not working for the good guys.

What if the good guys are the normal citizens that are out there, in the world?

What if there IS such a thing as a lifeforce energy, called Qi or whatever, and what if Nature is about sick of how humans are screwing up Her planet?

What if Nature gave the knowledge of psychic ability to hundreds of thousands of “natives,” meaning ordinary people like you and me?

What if she delivered this knowledge to a person’s “higher self,” meaning that their application of these metaphysical gifts occurs below the threshold of consciousness? It guides people’s actions and intentions, but at every turn people are afforded the option of free will choice?

What if that’s why some people have an uncanny ability to read an audience and in the context of the Internet, means we (as the natives) have weaponized the NSA’s own created social platforms in a manner that’s beyond their ken?

What if they are helpless as they watch anonymous and other like entities rise up and represent the needs of the ordinary person, transcending religion or state politics?

Maybe this is how mother nature defends herself? You can kill one or you kill many anons, and it doesn’t matter, because our energetic expressions are thus free of our corporal selves, and the timeline only accelerates.

It’s a decent psyop, if you think about it. And they created it for our use

Their own horror novel becomes real, and why is it scary? Because they are the ones that have raped this planet and decided to rain explosives upon the heads of children in poor countries. They are the ones responsible for the rich raping the poor.

I mean, they did this to themselves, right?

They are the ones holding the weapon, we are the one poised to do the healing.

My bet is that the healers win this round.

So that’s the psyop; what do you think?



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