(Stewardship) Stewards of the Land, on behalf of Gaia

Kent Dahlgren
2 min readFeb 22, 2021


Interested in how to deliver a stewardship of the earth in alignment with indigenous tradition, while navigating the labyrinth of our current society?

as above, so below

Our governance model would enable stewards to make decisions on behalf of Mother Earth, leveraging various common law legal precedents going back to the Roman era, but in particular certain decisions which occurred during the reign of King Henry VIII, regarding the delineation between legal title and beneficial title, as well as the “Citizens United” model for corporate personhood.

In summary:

We leverage an irrevocable trust, rallied around certain legal traditions regarding beneficial title, (and in particular pertaining to “seisen”) articulated within the framework of common law.

This includes the ability for the community to handle their own disputes (through arbitration — built into our community activation app), using a process called “private administrative process,” using notary, which means that courts are not necessary, but the process would be court admissible if a dispute came to it.

In that context, we leverage the blockchain ledger as a form of notary, forming the architectural basis for scaling the governance and operations model in a deterministic manner.

Additionally, we leverage the ERC 721 token to store deeds and titles on the ledger, within a multi-signature wallet (account) held by the stewards of the beneficial title.

Therefore: provided the stewards of the trust continue to serve in a manner consistent with the stated terms, they can retain stewardship of the trust.

And therefore, the stewards would make decisions on behalf of “Gaia,” as a fully-politically-activated expression of corporate personhood (per Citizens United), enabling indigenous communities to represent the interests of seven generations.

Our solution and approach is explicitly focused upon micro-economies and micro-communities, so we begin with a small footprint and scale upwards, rather than top down.

In this manner the community is able to calibrate their own self-sufficient micro-economy to a certain geography, such as a watershed, and deliver their own self-funded economic stimulus, using money that normally remains “under the table,” as well as leveraging various forms of soft capital in the activation of local leadership and in alignment with their values, and on their terms.



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