(Politics) Improving Government from the Bottom-up

  • (step 1: “seed”) buy local first
  • (step 2: “root”) produce local
  • (step 3: “grow”) source (product and services) locally
  • For sellers: better sales margins, with lower risk of fraud
  • For buyers, access to potentially higher-quality goods and services from people they know, at a better price
  • For the community: self-funded social services that are defined and voted upon by the community itself, and in a manner that side-steps the unnecessary divisiveness of traditional politics
  • Digital identity and identity verification (no fake accounts)
  • Secure peer to peer communication (chat-based)
  • A marketplace that’s exclusive to the community
  • Peer to peer banking (so one can get a loan with only their reputation as collateral)
  • A social reputation engine which rewards citizens for investment in social good, such as “blessed are the peacemakers” and “the least of these my brethren,” as well as an in-progress design for rewarding forgiveness and redemption
  • Built-in conflict resolution, with an arbitration solution built upon common law, so no courts are necessary (but would be court-admissible if need be)
  • Self-governance, which of course includes voting (reliant upon verified identities and blockchain for persistence), but is essentially roles and responsibilities, access and permissions, and policies and procedures; just enough transparent governance to get the job done, and not a single bit more



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Kent Dahlgren

Kent Dahlgren

Product management fix-it guy. World-famous people skills. Extremely small hands. (edit) marketing lady says I’m also supposed to say “CEO of software company”